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Teamlab's hangers use RFID to take shopping into the 21st century (video)


Ever heard of an UltraTechnologist before? Yeah, neither have we, but a group of those imaginatively monikered folks have banded their engineering and design skills together to update the shopping experience. Issued from their Teamlab art collective, a batch of RFID-embedded hangers were put to the interactive test at Vanquish, a men's store in Japan's uber fashionable Shibuya district. So, how do these newfangled clothes hangers work? Garments lifted off the rack by a curious customer send a signal to a nearby screen that'll display a front and back preview of the selected outfit -- fitted to an impossibly chiseled model's body, of course. The Teamlab hangers can also be used to manipulate a shop's booming soundtrack and lighting, although we imagine that could get quite messy. So, if you count yourself amongst the claustrophobes that can't handle those encroaching dressing room walls or if you simply take your style cues from photoshopped images of perfection then, hey -- this tech's for you.

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