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The Repopulation influenced by UO and SWG

Jef Reahard

Searching for more info on the new indie sandbox called The Repopulation? If so, check out an interview with Above & Beyond Technologies' creator J.C. Smith at Quick Jump.

The piece covers a lot of ground, and Smith talks about everything from inspiration for the sci-fi title to the current state of the cluttered MMO market. "I think this market still has room for growth, and that the main reason we see some of these titles as failures is due to elevated expectations and bloating budgets," Smith explains.

What's going to set The Repopulation apart, then? That's a much longer answer, and portions of it will no doubt set sandbox fans' hearts aflame. "
We probably drew more influence from Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies than we have from any other MMOs," Smith says. "To me, UO was what I expected from an MMOG."

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