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Today's Zen moment brought to you by AT&T's iPhone 4S activation (Updated)


A few days ago, we reflected on how a calm and patient attitude could help you weather the crises of iOS 5 and OS X 10.7.2 updates.

The same advice holds true today.

With AT&T and Apple struggling to handle the overwhelming demands, you may experience some delays while trying to activate your iPhone 4S.

We have reached out to both AT&T and Apple for comment, but in the meantime let us suggest that you try again late tonight or tomorrow.

Life is too short to waste on struggling with overloaded servers.

Have some fun instead.

We'll be thinking of you.

Update: TUAW reader Jim P. writes in telling us about a disturbing reaction from his local AT&T Store.

I've owned all the iPhones and this is the first time I've had trouble activating. I've had the 4s for about four hours now. Everybody in the office has gone back to work, all deeply disappointed that the iPhone 4s couldn't be demonstrated. So much for being an early adopter.

Surely AT&T has know for days how many phones it would need to activate today. My AT&T store refused to help me with the activation saying they had word from on high that they couldn't help people who bought their phones through Apple.

AppleCare apologized profusely but was unable to help.

An AT&T spokesman confirmed that this store's response is not AT&T's policy, stating "We provide support to customers who have an AT&T iPhone no matter where they purchased their device."

In regard to activation issues, the spokesman added, "As of 4:30 pm ET today, AT&T had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network – and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day. These record volumes may produce slower activations for some customers, though our systems continue to run at record levels."

Not exactly good news for everyone waiting for activation, but not unexpected either.

Apple has not replied to our request for a statement.

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