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Clone Wars Adventures gets new starter zone, mini-game, and more


Things have been busy over at Sony Online Entertainment's Clone Wars Adventures, it would seem. The game just received a sizeable update, which brings a new mini-game, a new starting area, and a number of new outfits and pets to the game.

The new mini-game comes in the form of Aquatic Assault, a top-down shoot-'em-up that puts players in the tentacles of the Nautolan Jedi Kit Fisto as he attempts to fend off Separatist and Quarren forces from his ship. New players are also in for a treat, as all new characters will begin in the just-added Ryloth Battle zone, which is an outdoor environment where a battle between Republic troops and renegade battle droids rages on. For those who would prefer to stay indoors, though, SOE has added a new Featured Homes browser, which lets players browse through player houses that have been deemed particularly snazzy.

A number of new items are available as well, such as Commander Wolffe's armor, Jawa and momong pets, holoprojector costumes, and housing decoration items. If you're interested in checking out all these new additions, just head on over to the game's official site.

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