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Halo Anniversary adding 'Analyze Mode' with Kinect [update]


Yes, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is getting Kinect functionality -- but you knew that already. Despite a bit of news escaping Tokyo Game Show earlier this year about what the functionality entails, we were promised a fuller reveal "this October." And here we are: 343 Industries reps told Halo panel attendees tonight at NY Comic Con that the game will include a variety of new Kinect features, such as analyzing world items.

When in Anniversary mode (read: fancy new graphics mode), players can use Kinect voice commands to "Analyze" various enemies, which will then add said enemies into a readable in-game database ("The Library" -- no, not that Library). What's more, you can also shout "grenade!" and, well, Master Chief will totally throw a grenade. "Reload weapon!" does ... you get the idea. A video showcasing the additions was shown off and we'll have it up for you as soon as possible. It'll arrive in fuller form on Halo Waypoint this coming Monday.

Update: Analyze Mode is only available with Kinect, 343 says, and won't work if you've only got a controller. Sorry folks!

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