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This Week in MMO: Honestly EVE edition


The life expectancy of subscriptions -- and the enormous discussion swirling around it -- is at the forefront of Gamebreaker.TV's This Week in MMO. Massively's own Rubi Bayer joins the crew as they analyze Mark Jacobs' comments on subscriptions vs. free-to-play. Jacobs' blunt labeling that most F2P games are "crap" is incendiary, although it's hard to deny there are a lot of shoddy titles out there.

The roundtable goes on to talk about CCP's apology to EVE Online players and what's being done to repair faith, trust, and ship-spinning in the game. It seems that frank apologies from higher-ups to customers is en vogue these days, from Netflix to Square-Enix, although it's debatable how much face is saved from such actions.

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