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Ubisoft delays Rocksmith until 2012 in Europe over trademark dispute


If you live across the pond, you may be familiar with the band Rocksmith. Ubisoft, publisher of the upcoming Rocksmith video game, is currently entrenched in a legal dispuit with the band, who tells Eurogamer that it even preemptively approached Ubisoft to work out an agreement. Apparently, Ubisoft "ignored" the band's letters.

Currently, Rocksmith has a tentative 2012 launch window in Europe, the result of a subsequent official complaint levied against Ubisoft. That apparently got noticed, Kris Ford, the band's percussionist, told Eurogamer. "They've threatened me with a defamation of character action, for comments that I've made in the media. I'm not quite sure what they mean by that," he said. "They were just being bullies I think, because there's nothing I've said that can't be backed up with absolute fact. I've got documents proving that I registered the name."

There isn't a definite time-frame of resolution for the matter, though official documents say the dispute could last as long as February 29, 2012. "Everything is down to them; if they want to delay then they just carry on as they are. If they don't want to delay things then they'd better start talking to me or my lawyers," Ford said.

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