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'ModNation Racers: Road Trip' beats out other, far less worthy names for Vita racer

After asking enterprising fans to dream up the name for the upcoming PlayStation Vita-bound installment of ModNation Racers, Sony found itself taksed with sifting through "thousands of great ideas" to find one winner. That winner is ModNation Racers: Road Trip. You see, it's a racing game (ie: it has roads) but it's also for a portable console, so you can take it on a road trip. That's the stuff winners are made out of, people.

Less successful entries included stinkers like "Honey I Shrunk The Modnation Racers" and "In-A-Gotta-Mod-Vita." Those entrants win a free, all-expenses-paid vacation to a sterilization clinic. Congratulations!

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