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343 goes behind the scenes of Halo: Anniversary's campaign


This latest trailer from Microsoft's 343 Industries goes behind the scenes on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's campaign mode, which the team tells us has been carefully updated graphically and with extra features like online co-op mode, skull modifiers, 3D, and even that Kinect functionality we learned about last weekend. And there's a lot of thought going into these features: Master Chief's retro armor, for example, was iterated on for a good six to seven months (including cues from fan feedback after its first appearance at E3) before the team arrived at the final version.

As Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor himself says, the updated game certainly seems like quite a smörgåsbord for the Halo fan, all for just $40. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is due out on November 15.

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