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Breakfast Topic: Are you ready for Hallow's End?


Hallow's End 2011 is upon us this morning, and with it comes a lot of new content. There's new loot to grab from the Headless Horseman, new pets to get from quests and vendors, and new daily quests to run. Unsure of where to start? Remember, our Hallow's End Achievement guide is always here for you.

I have to say, the Headless Horseman may very well be my favorite WoW villain. He's classic, he's spooky, and his voice and gimmick are a whole lot of fun. I'm almost sad he's only around for a few weeks every year. This year, I'll definitely be after his helm so it's there as a transmogrification option in patch 4.3. I'll also be grabbing the new pets for sure, and hopefully one of each mask so I can finally get that silly achievement done. I'm also really hoping the new Gilneas vs. Undercity subplot provides some new lore for our sadly neglected furry friends.

So how about it -- are you ready to get started? Will you be aiming for a set of Reins and the Hallowed title this year? Are you after a couple of pets? Are you excited to visit your old crazy friend in the Scarlet Monastery every day? Or are you just taking it easy?

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