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Daily Mac App: Easy Timeline


BeeDoc's Easy Timeline is an app that any reader who enjoy tracking events might find interesting. The app allows you to easily create interactive timelines to chart any number of things. After launching the app, select a look for your timeline from built-in themes, then the type. You can choose between three different types of timelines: Date & Times lets you create historical timelines based on dates, such as March 5, 1789; Geological Scale lets you create timelines which track events that span thousands or millions of years; and Quantities lets you create a timeline that tracks anything that can be numbered, such as "Week 34."

After choosing the settings, you can enter events onto it. For each event, you can choose a start and/or end date, a custom name, notes, photos, videos, or audio, web links and tags. After you've created data points for your timeline you can continue to format it by choosing font and text sizes, background images, dateline options and more.

But what's really cool about Easy Timeline is how you can view your creation. You can print it or email it to friends, but the killer interactive feature is a 3D-view of the timeline that lets you advance through an event at a time.

When I showed Easy Timeline to my brother, a elementary school teacher, he immediately saw the educational benefit and said it would be useful to create historical timelines of subjects he was teaching, such as the American Revolution. I have used the software to create two timelines for a novel, one which tracks events as they happen in the book and one which tracks the book's events in chronological order. A councilor friend of mine said she could see a great benefit of the app in tracking the events of a patient's life.

Easy Timeline is $19.99 in the Mac App Store. BeeDoc's also offers a professional version of the software, Timeline 3D, which has more advanced options, such as automatic data imports (from iCal, Aperture, Basecamp, etc), cinematic timelines, and advanced publishing options. Timeline 3D, which unfortunately isn't on the Mac App Store, can be bought from BeeDoc's site for $69.99. You can check out the differences between the two Timeline apps here.

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