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Fantastical 1.1 offers editing, notes, full iCloud support


Fantastical by Flexibits has been updated to version 1.1, which offers a slew of new features. Users can now edit events and notes within Fantastical, and changes are immediately synchronized with iCloud. There's a lot to like about this new version, including behind-the-scenes bug fixes that make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here's what's new in Fantastical 1.1.

At last, you can edit events within Fantastical! This is the feature I've been waiting for, and I'm glad to report it works. To edit an existing event, simply double-click its listing in Fantastical. An edit window pops up, ready to accept your changes. You can edit notes in the same way.

The other major change is full iCloud integration and near-immediate synchronization of data. Previously, Fantastical required you to launch iCal (or have it running hidden) for sync with a MobileMe calendar. Now that's changed, thanks to iCloud and Fantastical's CalDAV integration. In my testing, events created in Fantastical showed up on my iPad by the time I launched the calendar app.

Several smaller changes further improve the Fantastical experience. For example, new events now automatically set the start date to the selected date on the calendar, with is a nice time saver. Multiple all-day events are grouped by calendar and sorted by event name, and Outlook events are color-coded by category.

Fantastical has been one of my favorites since I first reviewed it in May. It's out of the way when I don't need it, and quick when I do. Now that I can use it to edit tasks and notes, I probably won't look at iCal very much at all. Fantastical 1.1 is available now from the Mac App Store for US$19.99.

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