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NFL Blitz returns to the gridiron in 2012


You know that rumor we heard late last year about EA Tiburon working on a new NFL Blitz game? Consider it fact now: EGM has the exclusive scoop on the reboot, which will feature all of the elbow drops and brutality fans of the original series remember.

New changes include a currency system, called Blitz Bucks, which players can use to boost their teams and modify them in a bunch of ways -- think custom modes and loading screens and stat-boosting-type stuff. You can set up custom rosters, take part in the survival mode called Blitz Gauntlet, where you take on several teams in succession, or head online for some human competition.

No exact launch date or platforms were provided in the EGM report, though it is said that NFL Blitz is expected right around the same time as the real-life NFL playoffs, so we assume early 2012.

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