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Reminder: Apple fourth quarter FY11 earnings announcement today


After the market close today (4pm Eastern), Apple will announce quarterly earnings for its 2011 fiscal fourth quarter. Apple's fiscal year ended on September 25 (roughly aligned with the US federal government's fiscal year), which means that the all-important upcoming holiday quarter is actually Apple's Q1 of 2012.

As usual, the earnings guidance ($25 billion in revenue, $5.50 earnings per share) provided by Apple at the start of the quarter is likely to be almost comically conservative; Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Apple 2.0 provides an overview of the results forecasts, and comes up with an estimated "whisper number" built atop the educated guesses of the non-pro analysts with the most consistent track record. The results, by their lights, should be somewhere north of $30B in revenue and $8 EPS. The psychological milestones of a non-holiday quarter with four million Macs and ten million iPads sold are almost certainly going to be passed as well.

At about 5pm ET, the company's executives will hop on their quarterly analyst call to discuss the results. We'll be here for live commentary and consideration, so set a reminder below and join us!

Note: TUAW does not provide financial or investment advice.

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