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Aion's patch 2.7 goes live


Aion's patch 2.7 is here, and a healthy number of new features has arrived along with it. Players can now take part in the Crucible Coliseum PvP arena or test their mettle in the Arena of Discipline for one-on-one battles. If you're more interested in a no-holds-barred battle royal, the Arena of Chaos may be more your style, as it features a six-player death-match battle. Balaurea's PvP battles have seen a number of refinements and adjustments as well.

If you're more of a PvE sort of player, you can bring some friends to Padmarashka's Cave in hopes of taking down the legendary creature for loot and glory. A number of skills have been adjusted as well in hopes of creating a more enjoyable, balanced gameplay experience. Aion players can scour the whole of the new patch notes over at the official site.

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