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Broken Sword trilogy sale on GOG, fourth game added


Adventurers take note, Good Old Games is currently offering the first three Broken Sword titles at half price. That's three retro adventures for a paltry $9, or $3 each if you're feeling choosy (and you should have the first one anyway). Choose quickly, because the deal is over on Friday.

GOG has also added the fourth game in the series, Broken Sword: Angel of Death, to its catalogue, though we've heard rumors that the $10 title isn't worth your precious time.

Joystiq has sent one of its reporters on assignment to talk with the public to find out more. Join him on the scene after the break.

Reporter: This is Joystiq's Man on the Street, Richard Mitchell. I'm here with a gentleman by the name of Ludwig Kietzmann. He's been telling folks not to buy the fourth Broken Sword game. We're here to find out why. So, Ludwig, what's the deal?

Citizen: Allow me to explain! In Broken Sword 4, there's a sequence in which you're required to retrieve a document from a locked cabinet in a butchery.

Reporter: I see. And how do you achieve this?

Citizen: You gather some oil from a hanging salami, which you apply to the wheels of the cabinet. You can now push the cabinet out the window into a giant grinder below. The cabinet is destroyed, but, luckily, the document is safely ejected! Then you quit the game and delete it forever.

Reporter: There you have it folks. This is Richard Mitchell, reporting live for Joystiq News.

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