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Daily iPhone App: Alien Blue


Here's an app that lets you browse through the popular link board Reddit. You probably don't want to see everything there is on Reddit -- just like Digg in its day and other message boards like 4chan, some of the discussion over there can get pretty wacky. But Reddit is definitely a great community of people, and if you ever want to take the temperature on what the 'net is thinking about the news of the day, browsing through Reddit's links can be very informative.

There is an official Reddit app called iReddit, and it works pretty well. But Alien Blue is really the better option. I like the layout better, and it has excellent features like inline comments, Instapaper and Read It Later support, and the ability to actually post and edit your own comments on the service. The app itself is free to check out, but you can spend US$1.99 for an excellent pro upgrade that opens up a "Canvas" view for pictures and a host of other streamlined options for reading, sharing, and browsing Reddit.

There's also an iPad version available for a straight $3.99 price. You may balk at that, especially if you're happy with the free official app (or willing to read the site through an RSS reader). But for regular readers and commenters on Reddit, odds are that Alien Blue is worth the extra few bucks.

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