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PlayStation Store available for the one PlayStation Certified tablet


Sony's PlayStation Suite cross-platform initiative continues its gradual, piecemeal rollout, with the arrival of the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices -- a category that, as of this moment, includes the Sony Tablet S and nothing else. Eventually, it'll include the Sony Tablet P, other Android devices, and the PlayStation Vita (which will, of course, have access to the normal PlayStation Store as well).

And before you get your hopes up about seeing what kind of new cross-platform experiences PlayStation Suite can provide, it's just PSOne Classics right now. Tablet S owners have a selection of ten PSOne games, for $5.99 each, including Cool Boarders, Hot Shots Golf 2, and, oh hey, Jumping Flash!

PSOne Classics available now for PlayStation Certified devices:

  • Cool Boarders
  • Destruction Derby
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Jet Moto 2
  • Jumping Flash!
  • MediEvil
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix
  • Rally Cross
  • Wild Arms

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