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Starcraft Universe MMO mod testable through October 30th

Jef Reahard

You may remember StarCraft Universe, the fan-made MMO mod that received an official Blizzard blessing earlier this year. Development on the project is moving right along, and the mod team has left fans with a nifty present as it gets ready to head to BlizzCon.

StarCraft Universe PvP is playable as of today via, but you'd better hurry because the fun only lasts through October 30th. At that point, the game will be taken down "for further polishing since technically it isn't even ready for an open beta."

The playable portion features an arena called the Encephalon Grid, and testers will start at level 30 (fully geared). Every class is available, and players may also be able to unlock additional abilities by winning enough matches. Check out the full press blurb on the mod's official website, and get a load of the PvP video after the cut.

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