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XtremeMac announces InCharge Home USB Wall Charger


Looking for a slim, light charger for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? XtremeMac may have just the product for you in the new InCharge Home USB Wall Charger (US$29.99).

Almost as skinny as an iPhone 4S and packing a full 10W power output, the InCharge can be used with almost any device that uses a standard USB, USB to mini-USB, USB to micro-USB, or USB to Dock Connector charging cable. The InCharge comes with a 4-foot USB to Dock Connector cable that can also be used to connect your device to a Mac or PC for syncing.

To make the InCharge so slender, its prongs fold back into the device for travel. Plugged into the bottom of a standard 2-plug outlet, you'll still have enough room to plug another device into the outlet.

The InCharge is now available for purchase from the XtremeMac website, and we'll have a full review here on TUAW in the near future.

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