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Apple announces iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011


iOS developers around the world received a note from Apple today announcing iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011. This event, to be held in nine cities around the globe starting in November, is designed to give iOS developers access to Apple's experts in various aspects of iOS 5.

The iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011 will be held in New York, Seattle, Austin, Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul, and Sao Paolo. Starting at 9 AM, the one-day event begins with a kickoff keynote, a session on iPhone and iPad UI design, and the first half of a session on adopting iCloud storage.

After lunch, the iCloud fun continues in one room while other sessions start in two other rooms. The three conference tracks are roughly divided into general iOS app development, video and gaming, and books and Newsstand. After it's all done for the day, Apple is thoughtfully providing a wine and cheese get-together. A full schedule can be viewed at the link above.

The iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011 is free to registered iOS developers. You can only register in one city and the participation is limited to the size of the venue, so register as soon as possible to insure that you'll be attending.

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