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EVE Online adding implants to killmails


When a ship is destroyed in EVE Online, half of its fitted modules are destroyed and half are dropped as loot. When EVE was young, the list of modules destroyed and dropped in a kill was sent in an in-game mail to both the victim and the player who got the killing blow. Today the killmail is stored in a players' character sheet rather than clogging up his inbox, providing a record of all the ships he's killed and those he's lost in combat. When you destroy a player's escape capsule, however, all you're left with is a blank killmail and a tasty corpse floating in space.

In a new devblog, CCP Masterplan describes the introduction of one of EVE's most requested features: implants on pod killmails. When an escape pod is destroyed, a list of all the expensive implants installed in the corpse's head will be added to the currently blank killmail, letting players put a much more accurate value on successful kills. This comes as good news to corporations and alliances judging their war performance using killboard valuations.

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