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Ignited Games begins WindSlayer 2 closed beta with a key giveaway

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Ignited Games has a triple-shot of MMO goodness to offer gamers this morning: a brand-new closed beta, cool events and perks for closed beta testers, and a pile of beta keys here at Massively.

The game is WindSlayer 2, a fast-paced, 2-D game that we took an exclusive look at earlier this month. Those who join the beta test will be able to participate in special GM events like hide and seek, not to mention the ominous-sounding Monster Invasion. They'll also receive a "symbol denoting their status, which will appear next to their character name and remain even after WindSlayer 2's official launch," and some more surprise goodies.

Want to check it out? Good, because we've got a giveaway page full of beta keys waiting for you! Simply get your key, create an Ignited Games account, and then redeem your key on the WindSlayer 2 front page.


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