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NintendoWare Weekly: Nintendo Videos for sale, Double Dragon


Do you like the short clips available on Nintendo Video, but wish they wouldn't randomly disappear from your system when new ones come along? Starting today, Nintendo is offering a selection of previous Nintendo Video shows from DreamWorks, downloadable from the eShop for $2 each.

It's sort of like buying an episode of your favorite TV show on iTunes, we suppose, if that episode was five minutes long and only viewable on a 3DS. Kind of weird, but at least it's an additional option.

In other news, Double Dragon! The ... Game Boy version!

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  • Fish Tank (iFun4all, 1-4 players, 500 Wii Points): Match-four puzzler about catching fish in a net.
3DS eShop
  • Double Dragon (Game Boy) (Aksys Games, 1 player, $3.99): Billy's fight to rescue Marian, in beautiful black and white.
  • DreamWorks Animation Halloween Collection (Nintendo, $1.99 each): "The Pig Who Cried Werewolf," "Night of the Living Carrots," and one more video TBA.
  • Castle Conquerer - Revolution (CIRCLE Entertainment, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): RTS in which you fight an evil "empire" in a medieval-ish setting.

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