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The Secret World's Dragon Week continues with new video, interview


Dragon Week is in full swing over at The Secret World, and today players get a double dose of Dragon with a new video and an interview with Ragnar Tørnquist. The video highlights a previous trailer's character -- referred to hereafter as Milkshake Girl -- and her initiation into the Dragon. Poor Milkshake Girl's idea of chaos prior to the Dragon was "a messy apartment," but disorderly living spaces have nothing on the Dragon concept of chaos, as the video points out.

The interview focuses entirely on, surprise, the Dragon faction and the lore behind it. Tørnquist is reluctant to give away any juicy gameplay details, however, and refuses to reveal what faction-specific abilities the Dragon will have access to. But if you're a lore junkie, read on: Tørnquist discusses the hierarchy of the Dragon, the organization's modus operandi, the central characters of the faction, and the group's relation to the Templar, Illuminati, and the Council of Venice. So head on over to IGN for the full interview, jump past the cut for the video, and remember, Dragon Week isn't over yet. Check back tomorrow to see what else Funcom has in store.

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