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Ubuntu turns 7, Canonical gets to work on Precise Pangolin


It was exactly seven years ago today that Warty Warthog, the very first release of Ubuntu (despite its 4.10 version number), hit the internet and became an almost instant success. In the course of those years Canonical has built the world's most popular desktop Linux distribution and a powerful presence in the server industry thanks to its LTS (Long Term Support) releases. With Oneiric Ocelot in the books, it's time for the team to set its sights on yet another enterprise-friendly and super stable release, 12.04 LTS -- Precise Pangolin. Don't expect any big new features or drastic UI changes, the LTS releases are all about fine tuning what's already there. Hit up the source for a few more details on Pangolin and the more coverage link for the original Ubuntu announcement.

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