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Wish granted: Nadirim launching next month


After 1001 Arabian Nights of beta testing, the Middle-Eastern-flavored Nadirim is finally launching on November 7th. The game will launch with three classes and a unique world full of mystical elements including djinns and flying carpets.

Nadirim is Twisted Tribe's first MMO, and the company is placing high expectations on its future. "We wanted to create a game that stands out among browser games and we are on the right path. We'll be rolling out features and expansions throughout the year. We're focused on bringing players a magical gaming experience," said Twisted Tribe's Balazs Sipocz.

As it is both a free-to-play title and fully playable within a browser, Nadirim is accessible as can be for the curious adventurer looking for a change of scenery. The beta process resulted in several changes and additions to the game, including PvP duels, better combat mechanics, and a bigger open world experience.

Twisted Tribe is holding a contest to reward players for inviting friends into the game, and will be handing out in-game currency as prizes. If you're curious about what Nadirim is like, make sure to watch our Rise and Shiny recap of it from August.

[Source: Twisted Tribe press release]

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