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WoW Moviewatch: A Hallow's End Machinima Collaboration


A Hallow's End Machinima Collaboration is a classic video from a few years ago, featuring a collection of voice talent from throughout the world of machinima. Check out the credits at the end of the piece to get the full list; it really is quite impressive.

In this video, Thrall essentially realizes that he has no idea how to make a good costume. He goes through a few iterations until he finally finds something that seems like it could work. Of course, tragedy ensues. This video has a fairly tight, effective storyline, which unfortunately makes it a little difficult to talk about without giving away spoilers.

I do miss old Orgrimmar -- I mean, look at that place! Still, I guess Garrosh's girder-and-wrapping fantasy of Orgrimmar is cool, too. But it ain't the same.
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