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10-year-old girl has memorable experience at Apple Store


The Consumerist has posted a cute story about a 10-year-old girl whose purchasing of an iPod touch was made rather special by an Apple Store manager in Utah.

As the story goes, the particular young lady has wanted an iPod touch for quite some time. So much so that she saved her birthday and allowance money over the last 9 months so that she could finally afford to buy one for herself (I think a lot of us could learn a little something about this alone)!

Accompanied by her mother, she arrived at the Gateway Apple Store at 10:30 AM. Both were greeted by two Apple employees who told them that the store was closed from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and that they could not shop now. The mother explained the situation and pointed to the young girl with her jar full of money, but they were politely told that they would have to come back later, even though it wasn't quite 11:00.

The saddened but understanding pair moved along to do other shopping, but after a short distance an Apple employee chased after them to tell them that the store manager had made a special exception to let them in. Escorted into the store, mother and daughter were given the attention of the entire staff, and after the transaction was made the store manager asked all the employees to "...give [redacted] a round of applause for saving her money and buying an iPod today."

The young lady waved goodbye and immediately called her dad to tell him the story.

For the story as told by Matt the dad, click here.

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