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League of Legends releases champion spotlight for Graves


Every few weeks, popular MOBA League of Legends adds a new champion to its already impressive roster of opponents. This week ranged damage-dealer Graves enters the fray, with some interesting abilities that really set him apart from other champions. His passive ability, True Grit, encourages players to stay in combat by granting Graves a stacking bonus to armour and magic resist. The buff will wear off if he leaves combat, but the added resistance and armour could get you some very close kills. Buckshot fires out three nukes in a cone, and enemies near the shot can be hit with more than one projectile, making it great for farming creeps.

Smokescreen throws an area-effect smoke bomb that slows enemies within its radius and reduces their vision range to within the smokescreen. Quickdraw makes Graves dash a short distance and gives him bonus attack speed, making it the perfect skill for chasing down fleeing champions. The cooldown is reduced each time Graves lands a basic attack. Graves' ultimate, Collateral Damage, fires a high-damage nuke that explodes on contact with an enemy champion, spraying a cone of shrapnel behind the target champion.

For more information on Graves and to see how he plays in a game, skip past the cut to watch the official champion spotlight video.

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