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Mabinogi prepping Merchant of Venice, offers three new levels of premium service


It's a busy time for Mabinogi, which is still firmly in the grips of Shakespeare fever. The free-to-play title is preparing to launch its Merchant of Venice update on October 26th, and with it, a new commerce system.

Mabinogi's commerce system offers players a way to experience the highs and lows of trading with a little danger thrown in for good measure. Players will start out with a limited amount of new currency, ducats, which can be used to buy and sell from trading posts. Newly minted traders will then have to transport the currency personally while coming under fire by bandits. Pull off enough successful trade routes, and awesome new weapons will become available to you!

Nexon has also introduced a few new levels of premium service for players looking to enhance their Mabinogi experience. These optional services grant players additional inventory, free gifts, XP bonuses, and exclusive missions. As players wait for the launch of the update, Nexon is extending its free premium service for everyone to enjoy.

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