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Nintendo Direct trailers: Monster Hunter Tri-G, Kingdom Hearts 3D, more


Nintendo's inaugural "Nintendo Direct" presentation in Japan also came with a host of new trailers for 3DS games. Above, new footage of Kingdom Hearts 3D, which we regret to inform you, continues to be called Dream Drop Distance.

After the break, you can see two videos for Monster Hunter Tri-G, and a couple of new games. The first is a retail game from Banpresto called Lost Heroes, which puts Ultraman, Gundam, and Kamen Rider characters in the same dungeon-crawler world, and is thus super unlikely to see release outside of Japan. The second is an eShop game called Nimble Sakura Samurai, a simple action game in which you dodge and slice enemies.

There are even more videos than that on Nintendo's site, if you want to see trailers for Dillon's Rolling Western or Koei's fashion game FabStyle.

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