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Rumor: Next Xbox slated for 2013


With Nintendo revealing its Wii U console at E3 2011, many speculated that Microsoft would be pressured to unveil the next Xbox at the next E3 in 2012. According to Develop sources, we might have to wait a little bit longer, until 2013 to be precise. The site reports that various sources "from processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms" are expecting an E3 2013 reveal of the console, followed by a launch later in the year, though it could be as far away as early 2014.

Apparently Lionhead is busy working on a project named "Fable Next," for the new console, which certainly doen't seem like a stretch. It also gels with a report earlier this month about Alan Wake 2 and other next gen projects. Furthermore, Develop believes that Epic will unveil a new Unreal Engine before 2014, the date recently predicted by CEO Tim Sweeney. Finally, sources still seem to believe that EA is already in possession of development tools for the next Xbox, despite the publisher claiming otherwise.

Our prediction? The Xbox 1080 will be announced by Microsoft next week. The unit will feature an integrated Kinect sensor and will support PlayStation 4 emulation using a heavily modified version of Bleem.

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