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The Sandbox interviews Repopulation developer

Jef Reahard

The latest episode of The Sandbox podcast is worth a listen if you're curious about The Repopulation. Developer Josh Halls is the guest of honor and he sits down with host Coolit for a lengthy chat about Above & Beyond Technologies' upcoming sci-fi title. "It's not a full-blown sandbox game where you're dumped in a barrel and have to figure out what to do. There are both elements of sandbox gameplay as well as the more rollercoaster-type designs that you're used to that are more structured," Hall explains.

The themepark bells and whistles are front-loaded into the game in order to provide players with adequate tutorials. After that, Hall says, you're free to build your own nation, explore, and do whatever it is that tickles your creative fancy.

Hall also gives a bit of detail on the size of the dev team ("four or five guys" at the moment) as well as some commentary on the Hero engine and various aspects of The Repopulation's gameplay. Head to the The Sandbox for the full show.

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