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Hey Dude, Where's my Blog? (Follow up to Blogging with Siri)


If you pop by the blog I set up with Siri, you may notice it's been vaporized. Harsh, Google, harsh. Admittedly it wasn't a particularly edifying blog (didn't have to be, was just demonstrating a tech solution) but there wasn't any spam on it. And I just set it up a few days ago.

So I tried contacting Google to see if they could put it back.

Guess what? Blogger has basically zero tech support. Couldn't find anyone to talk to, any way to appeal.

So as a courtesy to readers, I decided to post a quick follow-up to let you know that choosing Blogger as your blogging-by-voice provider may not actually be the best solution for your web blogging needs.

You may want to investigate posting-by-email solutions provided by these vendors instead.

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