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Riot releases new art and screenshots for League of Legend's Graves

Jef Reahard

Riot Games recently released its latest League of Legends champion, and the ranged damage-dealer known as Graves has proved popular with players thus far. The company is looking to keep its new gunslinger in the spotlight, and to that end it has released several new pieces of concept art as well as a gaggle of screenshots of Graves in action.

The one constant in all the shots -- aside from various versions of the BFG9000 -- is damage, and whether the new champion is throwing smokebombs, spraying cone nukes via his buckshot ability, or chasing down other champions who've decided to run away, he'll be pumping out a lot of damage (and he'll look good doing it). You can learn more about Graves at the official League of Legends website, and be sure you check out the art and screens below.

[Source: Riot press release]

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