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ArcheAge fills up its 2011 dance card with beta, events


Things over in ArcheAge's neck of the woods may seem quiet these days, but rest assured that the XL Games crew is hard at work on making the game the best it can be while spreading the word about it. Over on the ArcheAge blog, news about the continuing beta process and upcoming conventions has been laid out in one convenient place.

First up, XL Games is preparing a fourth closed beta test for sometime before the end of the year. Expectations are that this will happen in November, although no official announcement has been made.

ArcheAge will be making an appearance at two upcoming events as well. At G-Star, XL Games is forgoing a public booth for a private one in an effort to court business support for the game. ArcheAge's Chinese publisher will be showing off a demo of the game's character creation, questing system, and PvP at the Tencent Game Carnival in November.

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