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Everything is Ghostcrawler's fault with #OccupyGregStreet

Allison Robert

Greg Street, better known as Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer on World of Warcraft), is at the center of a vast game designer conspiracy ruining the in-game lives of millions of players. Or so goes the popular theory espoused by the exploding Twitter hashtag #OccupyGregStreet spoofing (what else?) the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As Mike Sacco explained in WoW Insider's back room chat, the joke originated from a conversation he'd had at BlizzCon with Narci (@druidis4fite) of Flavor Text, and as far as I can tell, the first tweets are from Narci and @malgrim on the con's second day. WoW Insider's first tweet with the hashtag went live around 1:00 this morning. Things snowballed from there and reached new levels of hilarity when the official World of Warcraft Twitter account (@warcraft) got in on the joke.

The entire list is very much worth your time, but I've collected some of what I think are the funniest #OccupyGregStreet tweets (and Blizzard's amused reaction) here:
  • @Druidis4fite The AH Fee structure is a regressive tax on the poor.
  • @emberdione Because nothing has been done to help those displaced by the flooding of Menethil.
  • @Miatog New guilds struggle just to survive while big guilds gain money and extra materials for no reason!
  • @dwisms Pandaren cannot talk to each other because they chose different factions? All workers must unite, and not divide.
  • @rodolfer The armor repair prices are too damn high!
  • @Shadesogrey We are forced to steal from our allies in order to feed our troops.
  • @Lyraat Hunters could previously afford ammo. Soon we won't be able to afford a melee weapon. Where does it end?
  • @jaxland Mages need more jobs. Remove the ports to Uldum and Hyjal.
  • @RetroDragon The Earthen Ring refuses to investigate the disappearance of Neptulon.
  • @VoodontWoW Even Horde leaders drag their feet on legalizing elemental lord/giant squid marriage
  • @Dvoidus A Worgen goatee has a higher poly count than a whole Troll.
  • @binkenstein 10% of the classes have 100% of the Holy Power.
  • @mockford Stormwind orphans ignored 51 weeks out of the year.
  • @Shadesofgrey Thousands of gold spent on building a statue in Dalaran, yet the city is deserted due to lack of portal funds.
  • @danielwhitcomb Tirion Fordring only DPSed on the last few percentage points of the Lich King fight, yet he takes all the credit.
  • @mockford Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals protesting companion pet battles.
Another quick note: The @DaveKosak who retweeted this is that Dave Kosak, Blizzard's lead quest designer. A lot of you will also know him from the famous Flintlocke comics.
  • @BradSkid It's time for Ironforge to use offshore processing of gnome asylum seekers ... enough is enough.
  • @JackofBlades1 Horde still banning use of Blood Elf airspace. Silvermoon businesses being crippled.
  • @rumongray Because so many serious players still can't grasp that this is all satire.
  • @CWood0304 I'm a prot paladin. I am the 1%. I do not approve of #OccupyGregStreet.
  • @AarBearRAWR There is a giant dragon threatening our way of life and you want to take a vacation on a space turtle?
  • @zwlovoy Large Guilds get subsidized repair bills and profession procs while independent and poorer characters must pay full price.
  • @GregCare My Rogue ancestors tell me they used to be able to kill anything any way they wanted.
  • @EldacarJS 0.5% of Arena players get 100% of the Gladiator titles.
  • @ZenMonkey Goblins were left homeless and out of jobs while Trade Prince Gallywix received his annual multi-million gold bonus.
  • @KitsuneLeo It's been years and years and the Alliance still doesn't have a proper slogan.
  • Because someone requested it, my own: @AllisonRobert Druids are being forced out of their jobs by a wave of illegal Pandaren monks who will DPS, heal, and tank for less.
  • @zwlovoy Flask + material prices increase exponentially, yet the Horde has no plans to combat these increasing health care costs.
  • @RetroDragon Tyrande will not send support to those still stuck in Forest Song, but she has enough to support a new wardrobe.
  • @talkingcongas The devs stand on a stage and preach their Warcraft design gospel while I sit in the forum trenches defending it! (edit: For those not in the know, this is Zarhym's Twitter)
  • @_seanharvey The Alliance's military budget is being wasted in Outland and Northrend. Varian won't budge.
  • @tiffanybullen I never see Orphan Matrons taking those kids to school! I pay taxes for public education.
  • @SyntheticAether The Ethereals have completely monopolized the reforging industry.
  • @KitsuneLeo The Lakeshire bridge took 10 years to repair, poorly, using private labor. Public labor could do that in half the time.
  • @nevikjames Trickle down epics doesn't work.
  • @danielwhitcomb The Alliance has been waiting for funds to fix the Park District for almost 3 patches now.
  • @etyjandro Darnassus bailing out Gilneas and still no mount compensation.
  • @WoWInsider Devs are pouring resources into a new class but one out of three rogues are unemployed.
And perhaps best of all:

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