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Report: GTA V to be set in Los Angeles, will feature multiple playable characters

Citing anonymous sources "familiar with the game," Kotaku reports that Grand Theft Auto V will take place in a Rockstarified version of Los Angeles, one of the cities mocked up in an earlier installment in the franchise, San Andreas. We suppose the locale makes sense -- wouldn't adapting it be as easy as taking all their assets from L.A. Noire, then applying 75 years of wear, tear and technological progress to the structures therein?

The source also claims that more than one character will be playable during Five's campaign, which similarly makes sense, considering the extra protagonists which appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV's expansions. We've contacted Rockstar, and are encasing ourselves in suspended animation for the next week or so, shortening the amount of time between us and the game's debut trailer on November 2.

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