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Newest update to Final Fantasy XI is empty inside

Eliot Lefebvre

With Halloween just around the corner, perhaps your thoughts have turned to some of the genuine horror lurking throughout Final Fantasy XI. The Emptiness that was the focal point for several parts of Chains of Promathia was genuinely terrifying, conceptually as well as mechanically, for a very long time. (The removal of level restrictions made it a bit less frightening to run through.) So it's fitting that the game has just unveiled a minor version update in time for the holiday that takes players back to the Emptiness for a few new battles.

New Burning Circle battles can be fought at the spires of Holla, Dem, Mea, and Vahzl, using orbs obtained via Kindred Seals. Victories produce items that can be traded in at the NPC Shami for rewards. There are also updates to the Voidwatch battles and a few bugfixes, which should prove a nice garnish to the main course of the update's Emptiness-related battle candy for Final Fantasy XI's players.

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