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PBS to air Steve Jobs documentary


Coming on the heels of the release of Walter Isaacson's long-anticipated biography of Steve Jobs (and, if you haven't read Chris Rawson's review yet, stop what you're doing and do so), PBS will premiere "Steve Jobs -- One Last Thing" on November 2, time depending on local listings.

The documentary appears to be the televised version of what Isaacson's book has turned out to be -- an unflinching look at Jobs's complex disposition and insights as seen through some of the eyes of the people who knew him best. Featured interviews include Ronald Wayne, the little-discussed third co-founder of Apple; Ross Perot, former U.S. presidential candidate who invested in NeXT Computer as the company was floundering; the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg;, frontman and producer for The Black Eyed Peas; Dean Hovey, designer of Apple's original mouse; Robert Palladino, the calligraphy professor at Reed College whose classes inspired Jobs with his typography for the Mac; and more.

The documentary also has a never-before-aired 1994 interview where Jobs talks about his life's philosophy.

Steve Jobs -- One Last Thing was produced by Pioneer Productions for PBS and the UK's Channel 4, which doesn't have the documentary listed yet, but will most likely be added within the next couple of days.

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