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You put the Lime Odyssey in the screenshot gallery and drink them both up


We simply cannot be the only ones who see the title of Aeria Games' upcoming MMO and instantly start singing, "You put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up." Please tell us we're not. We may go mad otherwise.

In any case, Lime Odyssey has released 10 new screenshots today showing off many of the lush vistas of its game world. Included in the batch are views of the Human stomping grounds of the Blue Coral Forest, the desert plains of West Tumbara, and the Muris starting zone of Haze Island.

Lime Odyssey will launch with four classes, three races, and four gathering and crafting professions. You can get an eyeful of limey goodness in the gallery below, and if it piques your interest, head on over to the official site to sign up for the beta!

Gallery: Lime Odyssey Core Gallery | 56 Photos

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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