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Blizzard's Morhaime: F2P not right for WoW

Jef Reahard

Before you burn Blizzard at the stake, free-to-play fans, it's worth noting that head honcho Mike Morhaime isn't dismissing the model forever. In a new interview at Eurogamer, though, he does say that it makes little sense for an insanely profitable enterprise like today's World of Warcraft.

"I think that there's an underlying, a fundamental assumption right now, that the less you charge, the more money you make. Which isn't true. And it doesn't necessarily make for a better game. I mean, everybody likes free... I think that definitely, players have seen a lot of really great quality free-to-play experiences, but I'm not sure it's the best model for us right now," Morhaime explains.

The interview also touches on the controversy surrounding the new Mists of Pandaria expansion as well as the business logic behind Blizz's decision to give away Diablo III to long-term WoW subscribers. Head to Eurogamer for the full report.

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