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Nokia City Scene is Street View for your N9, mostly works in the US where you can't get one


Worried that the lack of Street View functionality is going to spoil your impending N9 honeymoon? Fret not MeeGo fans, as Espoo's Labs outfit is here to save the day with Nokia City Scene. The Navteq-powered app looks much like a clone of Google's mobile offerings, except that it's tightly integrated with location based services (Foursquare, Facebook Places) highlighting venues your friends frequent. Currently restricted to "about a dozen" US cities and London -- with more European locales coming soon -- its usefulness may be limited unless you're a globetrotting jetsetter or super friendly with some gray-market importers. Hop past the break for a video demo, and then hit the source to get your download on.

[Thanks, Martin]

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