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Australian Classification Branch: R18+ not ready for 'another couple of years'

Though Australian minister for home affairs Brendan O'Connor told press that the R18+ games rating would be available for new titles "a couple of months" after its ratification by the nation's federal government, we might have to wait just a bit longer than that. According to Australian Classification Branch Manager of Applications David Emery, "it'll probably be another couple of years before we'll be able to accept an application for an R18 game."

"It's got to go to Parliament, then there's changes that have to be made subsequent to that," Emery explained -- changes that also need to be applied to the classification systems of each state and territory, as well. Try not to get too discouraged, Australian gamers: At least your children will be able to buy Resident Evil 11. Oh, wait, they'll need to be adults, first. Okay, Resident Evil 19.

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