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DUST 514 server architect reveals the magic behind the techno-miracle


While behind-the-scenes technical details may not excite all gamers, there's sufficient interest in DUST 514 that we're willing to bet info-starved players are willing to get a little nerdy for the mind food. CCP's Lin Luo wrote up a dev blog about how the studio is working to meet the challenges of creating a MMO that utilizes fast, first-person shooter dynamics.

As Luo says, it's not only difficult that CCP is creating an MMOFPS, but that it has to be programmed from the ground-up to interact with EVE Online as well. Luo presents a hypothetical battle scenario that illustrates how the two games might interact, with DUST mercs accepting a contract from an EVE corp to take over another corp's territory on a planet.

The team is using a dedicated multi-core server machine to handle the strain of thousands of players duking it out in real-time. Luo reports that the team has fine-tuned the tech to the point where battles are able to host a "satisfying number" of simultaneous soldiers, and that thanks to the way it's designed, the battles can be scaled up and down in terms of numbers depending on who is present.

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