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The Guardian: HP shutdown of webOS division said to be 'imminent'


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Could the writing have already been on the wall for webOS when former VP of worldwide developer relations Richard Kerris left HP for Nokia this week? While nothing is yet confirmed, The Guardian is now reporting that HP will indeed finally shut down its webOS division, which could affect up to 500 jobs (either through reassignment or layoffs -- we've previously heard that some layoffs had already begun). That word comes from some unnamed internal HP sources, who reportedly expect an "imminent closure," with one employee adding that "there's a 95% chance we all get laid off between now and November." For its part, HP remained noticeably mum on any news about webOS when it announced that it would hang onto its PC business this week, and its decision to use Windows 8 on tablets certainly didn't do much to inspire the webOS faithful.

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