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Skullgirls 'Move Primer' trailer primes your eventual moves

Jordan Mallory

From everything we've seen before, and from the contents of this latest trailer, it looks as though Skullgirls will attempt to solve universal genre issues that plague fighting game enthusiasts the world over. That's a pretty tall order, considering that Capcom, Namco, SNK (R.I.P) and others have been attempting the same feat for nearly 25 years.

Reverge Labs seems to understand that gameplay issues in fighters can't be solved by balancing alone, and as such will be implementing a number of mechanical systems in order to prevent abusive gameplay mechanics which can potentially taint a fighting experience. The Anti-Infinite Combo System, for instance, allows players to escape from combos that would otherwise guarantee a loss. Similarly, the game's blocking system protects unblockable high-low mix-up traps.

Skullgirls' radically different failsafe systems have already sparked heavy debate among the die-hard fighters that run Joystiq's circles, a prevailing opinion being that the "problems" the game's systems attempt to correct are not problems at all, but rather accepted play-styles inherent to the genre. It will take months of extensive community involvement for the scene to render a verdict either way, which we can get started on sometime early next year.

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