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CMI shows off 720p glasses-free 3D display for smartphones with 2D off-angle viewing


Glasses-free 3D displays for smartphones and tablets aren't exactly anything new, but Chimei Innolux (otherwise known as CMI) has devised a novel twist for its latest 4.3-inch screen. Not only does it boast a high 720p resolution, but it employs a new "cell gap" process that displays a standard 2D image when you view the screen at an off-angle, instead of leaving you with a murky 3D image. The company also promises that the 3D images are brighter with less of a moire effect than other displays, and it's able to work in any orientation. As you might have suspected from the state of the prototype pictured above however, there's unfortunately no word as to when it might wind up in an actual phone.

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