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Amazon music player aMusic pulled from App Store


James Clancey of Interactive Innovative Solutions has written two applications that let you stream your music to your handset. One app, gMusic, connects to Google's Music Beta service and another, aMusic, connects to Amazon's Cloud Music service. The future of these two apps may be in limbo. aMusic has been pulled from the Appe Store and Clancey has released the following statement to

There are some legal issues with the music industry. The aMusic [app] is down temporarily. It will be back. Unfortunately I do not have a specific date when it will be back.

Also, Apple has been delaying my gMusic update. I submitted it 2 weeks ago. Every other update I have submitted within the 2 weeks has been approved in under 8 hours. So not sure what the deal is.

These legal issues are likely a result of Amazon's tenuous relationship with the music industry. Amazon launched its Cloud Music service earlier this year and the digital music locker has been under fire from the music industry. At the heart of the controversy is whether Amazon needs licensing, which has not secured, to offer its digital music locker service. It's unfortunate that aMusic has gotten caught up in this messy battle over digital music rights.

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